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The Village Against Violence is a non-profit organization that provides charitable resources to families in need




Our Vision

We empower victims of gun violence families to lead a brighter future. We equip them with practical tools like meal programs, first-aid for gunshot wounds, and tutoring services to restore their dignity in society.

Our Mission

At The Village Against Violence, we create a safe space where our youth can grow old. By preventing the cycle of gun violence, we give the next generation the permission to blossom into a brighter future.

Our Guiding Principles

Healing - We heal others to inspire a positive renewal in their lives.
Advocacy - We stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves.
Integrity - We serve our community with good intentions because we care.
Inclusivity - We serve people from different backgrounds because gun violence affects all communities.
Excellence - Our aim is to provide the best service to the families we serve.
Equity - We level the playing ground so everyone can live a healthy and fulfilled life.
Financial responsibility - We manage our resources well so that we can better serve your community.
We invite you to stand with us in upholding our principles in the hope of forging a healthier, more whole community.

Violence Prevention Programs

Create The Peace

First Aid Trauma

Sports For The Peace

Dazzling Dynasty

At The Village Against Violence, our programs help families prevent and overcome the traumas of gun violence. We partner with families to nurture their talents, equip them with life-giving resources, and restore their hope for a better future. We aim to create a world where families can reclaim their futures.

Our Partners

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Our Approach

The Village Against Violence non-profit organization addresses the root causes of violence. We take care of children, adults, and families so that they can find healthier ways of coping without resorting to guns.

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Our Impact

Since August 2019, we have been working tirelessly towards creating a lasting impact on the families we serve. From community events to food banks and preventative healthcare—our aim is to make a difference in the lives we serve.

Your support will allow us to better serve families impacted by gun violence and make for a brighter future. We appreciate your donation!